Lies and Honor

Unforeseen complications

Having arrived at having arrived at Oberfall, home to Castle Bywater, the members of House Odon set about their own devices fairly immediately. While Vaelen went to celebrate with Clara, Constantine Odon noticed his brother speaking with Lord Lucas Bywater. Will did his best to keep Constantine out of trouble while Felix fished for rumours amongst his fellow small folk, finding out that Kenneth, heir to House Bywater, has not produced any children despite years of marriage.

A little later that night, Constantine mentioned what he saw earlier to Vaelen, who immediately decided to confront her father about his dealings. Before long she had backed her father into a corner and got him to admit that he was arranging the creation of trade agreements, and finalizing some of the terms in the marriage contract between Clara and Tyral Bywater.

The next day, Constantine decided to do his best to make friends with Lucas Bywater by promising to help with a problem that had presented itself at the sept; somehow a fire had started during the previous night, damaging a number of items the septon considered essential to the proper religious observances for the marriage. Constantine and Will decided to investigate the site of the fire itself, and discovered that the fire had been quite bad indeed, but there was evidence that it may have simply been an accident, as the incense burner showed quite a bit of ash within. On the other hand, there had been a few tapestries placed the night before in just the right location to make the fire spread further than it otherwise would have.

In the meantime, Vaelen decided to clear her head of the wedding madness by going for a ride in the misty morning, taking Felix along to serve as a conversation partner and, should something awful happen, extra protection. Out on the ride, they determined that the signs of the trade agreement were already beginning to show, as the roads were showing sing of heavy use by cart and horse. On their way back to Oberfall they happened upon the brothers Kenneth and Tyral Bywater with their friend Cyril Harper out on a ride of their own. Much conversation was had, and in the end Vaelen had gotten Kenneth to try a cigar, Felix had beaten Kenneth in a race, and Vaelen seemed to decide to tentatively approve of Tyral as a husband to Clara.

When Felix and Vaelen returned they ran into Will and Constantine who had discovered a pair of people they wanted to investigate further, one Bryce, a sketch sel sord (mercenary) and the master of Oberfall, Raymond. Deciding the mercenary to be the more likely candidate, they had resolved to seek him out amongst the seedier part of town. Interested at this situation, Vaelen and Felix decided to accompany them. Before they could find Bryce, they were beset upon by a group of toughs and footpads intent on making money off of what they mistook for easy marks. In the end two were dead, one fled and the other two lay unconscious. When the investigators found Bryce in a somewhat tumbledown tavern, they bribed and questioned him, only to find nothing of worth. Returning to the castle they decided to devote their efforts to investigating Maester Raymond.



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