Lady Vaelen Odon

Heir to the House Odon


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 160lbs, but it’s impolite to ask

Agility : 2
Animal Handling: 2
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 3, +1B Notice
Cunning: 3
Deception: 3, +1B Act, +1B Cheat
Endurance: 2
Fighting: 2
Healing: 2
Language: 3
Knowledge: 3, +1B Education
Marksmanship: 3, +2B Bows
Persuasion: 4, +2B Convince
Status: 5
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 2
Will: 4

Destiny Points: 4(-2)/4
Heir (-1)
Charismatic (-1)

Intrigue Defense: 11
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 7
Health: 6

Gold: 890 SS


Vaelen Odon is the heir to the House Odon. She has a penchant for smoking thick, odorous cigars, and enjoys blowing the unsavory smoke in the face of her uncle, Constantine Odon. Though the house she is heir to is relatively new, she has grown up in the lap of luxury, leaving her somewhat spoiled. Her father, Lord Callor Odon took far more interest in politics than he did in his daughter in her formative years, leaving her (and her playmate Clara) to run amok in the palace watched over only by her uncle. This neglect has since led to problems, as Vaelen picked up a strongly impetuous spirit from her time as the center of attention. At least she has no qualms about lifting the burden of leadership from her father’s shoulders – her distinctly chilly relationship with him and a belief that politics should trump all other concerns have left her ready and willing to take over the minute he feels the strains of age.

While she understands the benefits of political marriages, Vaelen has been hesitant to enter into one herself. As a young lady, she became enamored with an especially brilliant tutor of hers, and she hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that he will come back for her someday. His constant encouragement and support helped shape a young heiress into someone who was ready to take on the throne, right up until the day he disappeared. Whether her father found out about Vaelen’s less academic wishes or he simply heard the call of adventure, the young lady has never been able to determine.

Politically, Vaelen is mostly biding her time before her father grows to be too old or senile to be any use to the throne. It was his absence for most of her childhood that taught the young, innocent Vaelen that the political goals of the day are far more important than family matters – even your own children. Though Constantine has been a supporting father figure to her, his influence did little to temper the blatant fact that her dad didn’t see her as important enough to put a pause on his own political aspirations.

Lady Vaelen is exceedingly tall and broad-shouldered, standing at 6’2". Her hair is jet black and bushy, though for convenience she often wears it up. While seated, however, she often lets her imposing physique slouch and prefers to diffuse potential conflict by ignoring (and often blowing smoke in the faces of!) those who try to use their physicality to dominate decision-making. This more casual technique allows her to avoid having to stand toe-to-toe against the burliest of her enemies, while still maintaining a firm and steady guiding hand in whatever decisions need to be made. However, she pays the price for this when dealing with servants and those of lower classes – her orders are all-too-often viewed as suggestions rather than commands. This nonchalant attitude also often earns her the ire of both her etiquette teacher and her father, both of whom would prefer it if she would simply follow the conventional method of getting her way. Alas, Vaelen has never been one for convention, and she plans to keep her unique attitude towards leadership close to her heart.

Lady Vaelen Odon

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